Here’s why:

When you frame your gloves, it isn’t just about preserving them. It’s also about celebrating them.

The story behind how you got them is a personal one. So why not put that story on display?

This is especially true when the gloves carry stories of epic battles in the ring — or ones that took place outside of it.

For example, you can have a photo of yourself in the ring with your opponent printed right onto the matting that surrounds your framed glove.

Professional boxers have something the rest of us would love to have: the ability to frame their gloves. That’s right.

Gloves are works of art—and in the case of top-level amateur and professional boxers, they’re works of art that can be framed and displayed.

But why? It’s not just vanity (although it is an extremely strong reason). When a glove is framed, it becomes something to be admired. It can be held up next to other gloves in the same size and weight class, allowing you to compare the different styles of glove-making from different eras. It can become a conversation piece, bringing attention to a historical era in boxing history.

It’s not hard to find a way to display your boxing gloves properly. There are several websites available that show you how to correctly position your gloves for framing including our team of professional framers who’ve been into framing sports memorabilia for decades now.

We specialize in celebrating your boxing journey. That’s why you should frame your gloves and commemorate your victories, defeats, and everything in between.

We offer a wide variety of framing options to suit every fan’s unique style. These include acrylic, matting, and even custom artwork that makes it easier than ever to tell your story.