Sports Shirt Framing – A Basic Guide 

Sport plays a massive part in many people’s lives. In the UK, it is football, rugby and cricket that draw the biggest crowds. Traditionally men’s sports, have in recent years seen women’s cricket and football, particularly, growing massively in popularity. Sport is on our televisions and radios throughout the year. Fans and supporters are incredibly loyal, and the amount of money spent annually on merchandising is an eye-watering figure.

Supporters wear the shirts of their favourite teams with pride. And when a fan is lucky enough to win, buy or be given a shirt worn by a player or signed by a team, that shirt is likely to become a treasured possession.

But it’s a strange one. You are never going to actually wear that shirt and it certainly deserves more than to be stuffed in the bottom of a drawer or hung in the back of a wardrobe. You will want the shirt to take pride of place in your home or sports club.

This is where sports shirt framing comes in. And sports shirt framing is our speciality!

Sports shirt framing solutions

Whether you are looking at football shirt framing or boxing picture frames, there are two main options you have. The first is DIY sports shirt framing. You can buy yourself a shirt framing kit so that you can do it yourself. The process is straightforward enough with five steps. Framing kits provide instructions that are quite easy to follow. However, it is a precise job that requires a degree of skill.

This is why most people opt to have their sports shirt framing done for them.

Sports framing services

From football shirts to boxing shorts, we are the business you can trust to frame your prized piece of sports memorabilia. We offer a range of services from Basic to Diamond Level with options for Double Shirt or Triple Shirt frames too.

The Basic service suits those who just want their sports shirt to be displayed professionally and stylishly. The Diamond service gives you a greater range of display options, including double mount options on the front. You can also choose from different colour backgrounds for where the shirt sits in the frame. Not only that, club logos, match tickets, and other memorabilia items can be added too.

If you are looking to buy a frame for a football shirt feel free to get in touch with the team at Football Shirt Framing to discuss our football shirt framing service.

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