If you want to frame a football jersey, you need to know what type of frame to use. You can use any frame that has a mat opening that is smaller than the size of the jersey. You can also use an acid-free backing board with an archival quality plexiglass cover or glass front.

The most popular way to display a football jersey is to use a shadowbox frame. This type of frame has a three-dimensional look and can be used with a variety of items including old photographs, sports cards and other memorabilia. The museum-quality shadowbox frames are made from wood and have a black velvet background at the back so that your item can be seen clearly from all angles.

You should also consider using a picture frame for your football jersey if you want something more traditional. These types of frames come in many different styles and sizes which makes them ideal for displaying jerseys as well as other types of sporting memorabilia.

When you are looking for a frame for your football jersey, it’s important to make sure that the frame is made specifically for jerseys. You don’t want to put your jersey in a frame that was designed for something else.

A good place to find frames is at Footballshirtframes.co.uk. We usually have a variety of different frames and also offer discounts on bulk purchases. If you are buying more than one frame, you should buy more than one frame at one time.

When choosing a frame for your football jersey, make sure that it will fit comfortably into any room in your house because most people have more than one room where they can hang things up on their walls or around their house.

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