Everything You Need to Know About Double Football Shirt Framing

A double football shirt frame gives you double the opportunity to show off your prized football shirts in true style. If you want to make an impression with your football shirt frame, and you want to make a real statement that will draw the eye and capture attention – double football shirt framing is the ideal choice.

We provide the best football shirt framing options that you will find anywhere on the internet. We know that we can beat the prices of our competitors because, with us, the middleman is not a part of the equation. As you are buying directly from the manufacturer, you can be assured of the best price. Only the highest quality materials will be used to enable your double football shirt frame to stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s in the hallway at home or the bar area of your sports club, our frames will demand attention.

What’s included in our double football shirt framing service? 

We include everything you need with our double shirt framing service. Each order includes the frame itself, a Perspex front, a pre-cut mount, MDF, and a hanging kit so that you can fit it to any wall with ease.

The process we use to frame your shirt is meticulous and thorough. First, we stretch the shirt to take out any creases the shirt may have. We use non-adhesive Kraft masking tape so that it won’t damage the shirt in any way. Using this specialist tape also means that you will be able to remove your football shirt from the frame at any time, should you wish to.

We never use any type of double-sided tape or hot glue as these will inevitably damage the shirt.

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Other things to consider with double shirt football shirt framing

There are several other things to consider with football jersey frames. The pre-cut mount that sits on top of the football shirt will be approximately 17” x 21”. This will cover the main body of the shirt. It will also mean that any signatures on the end and edge of the shirt will be covered. If your shirt does have signatures in these areas, there is usually a solution that we can find. If this is the case, please get in touch to discuss our bespoke options for football jersey frames. The overall size of a double football shirt frame is 42” x 32” (1065mm x 815mm).

Get in touch to find out more. This double framing option is perfect for football, rugby, or cricket shirts.


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