Want to frame your favourite football boot into a display case?

Do you want your favourite football boot in a display case? Well, we have some fantastic news for you. Thanks to Football Shirt Frames, you can! And so much more too…

The idea of framing a favourite football shirt has become very popular over the years. Whether it’s a shirt that a player wore in a particularly important match, or a signed shirt that has been won in a competition, or bid for in a charity auction, there are many reasons why players and supporters alike choose to frame a football shirt. These are treasured items.

But what about football boots? Can you really do the same thing with them? Of course, you can! Actually, you can frame and display pretty much any item. If you really want to, there’s always a way. So, you can buy all sorts, from boxing glove frames to football jersey frames. A football boot display case is a box frame, deep enough to house the boot or pair of boots you want to show on display.

A display frame for all your needs

Of course, it doesn’t have to be just football boots. It could be rugby boots or running shoes. Indeed, it could even be baby shoes. This is a very popular with parents who want to keep a memento of their child when they were really small.

You may want a football boot display case to commemorate a particularly important match that you or a family member has played in, such as a cup final or the first appearance for a team. Also, you may have been lucky enough to get hold of the boots worn by a favourite player. Either way, such an item will be a prized possession that you will want to display with pride in your home or sports club.

You can frame a single football boot or a pair and there are a wide selection of frames and mounts to choose from. There is also the option to include a plaque which is an opportunity to include a bit of detail and who the boot belongs to and where it is from.

Rest assured, whatever your football boot display case needs are, we can offer the perfect solution. Simply get in touch with the friendly team at Football Shirt Frames and we will be more than happy to help you.