Are you considering football shirt framing?

Nothing captures a fan’s love and devotion for their team than a football shirt. The colours and badge are worn like a uniform and a badge of honour, giving fans a sense of pride and belonging in equal measure.

When fans are fortunate enough to get their hands on a particularly special football shirt, it becomes a genuinely cherished item. What’s more, if you’ve been lucky enough to get hold of a shirt worn by your favourite player, or a shirt signed by your team, it needs to be treated with respect and dignity. The last thing you’ll want to do is to hang such a prized possession in a wardrobe, stuff it folded away in a drawer – or even wear it!

No, such an item deserves special treatment. This is where football shirt framing comes in.

You will want a statement piece such as this to take pride in place. It demands to be seen and appreciated. It needs to be framed with skill and care and displayed proudly on your wall. Football shirt framing makes all this possible.

Is football shirt framing easy to do? 

Well, although it is possible to frame a football shirt yourself, it is often more sensible to hire the services of a professional framing company. DIY football shirt framing can be a bit tricky. You can buy shirt framing kits, but with such a treasured item many people take the view that it’s better to get the experts to do the job for you.

Essentially, the method for framing a football shirt has 5 main steps.

  1. Steam the football shirt to remove all creases. Obviously, if it is a signed shirt, you should take care to avoid the signatures.
  2. Stretch the shirt out onto a mount, taking care that the shirt retains the desired shape.
  3. Design the window mount.
  4. Cut and fit the mount.
  5. Choose your frame.

A variety of styles can be chosen as a frame for football jersey display. A signed football shirt frame is not an everyday item, it is such a precious piece of memorabilia that you will want to make sure that you choose the frame wisely. FOOTBALL SHIRT FRAMES are a company that you can trust. Our team are always on hand to offer advice or to answer any questions you may have.

If you are thinking of buying a frame for a football shirt feel free to get in touch with the team at Football Shirt Framing to discuss our football shirt framing service.