How Much is it to Have a Football Shirt Framed?

If you are looking for a football shirt frame, you are definitely in the right place. We have a wide range of pricing options to choose from to suit all budgets and needs. Here are some of our most popular football shirt framing service options:

Basic Level Football Shirt Framing £46

Basic Level Football Shirt Framing Service

The Basic Level option for a football shirt frame features everything you need to make your shirt look wonderful in the home. The service is inclusive of the frame, a perplex front, MDF, a pre-cut picture mount, and a hanging kit – all for just £46. As you are buying directly from the manufacturers, it means you are sure to get the most competitive price anywhere on the market.

Club Level Football Shirt Framing £48 – £84

Club Level Football Shirt Framing Service

The next level football shirt frame service is our Club Level option. High quality materials are used to ensure that your football jersey frame stands out in any setting. We carefully stretch out your shirt so that no creases remain. We employ Kraft masking framing tape. This can be taken out from your shirt at any time and will not leave any marks or damage. Discounts are always available on bulk orders. The Club Level option also features a coloured mount.

Premium Football Shirt Framing £70 – £120

Premium Shirt Framing Service

If you want to splash out a bit more on your football shirt frame, the Premium Football Shirt Framing service ranges from £70 – £120. This option provides a colour layered background mount. You can also add a title and 2 x 6” x 4” photos to the display. It is possible to show the shirt on the front or the back – and with or without the sleeves. Essentially, every single frame is custom-made. This is a truly stunning look, worthy of display in public places, such as sports clubs, as well as in the home.

Double Football Shirt Framing £120

double football shirt framing

Another option that is bound to turn heads and grab everyone’s attention is our Double Football Shirt Framing service. At just £120, this offer represents excellent value. No types of hot glues or double-sided tape are ever used, as these can damage the material of the shirt. With this option, the pre-cut mount has an opening of approximately 17” x 21”. This covers the main body of the shirt. Signatures around the edges of the shirt will be covered. Therefore, if it important to you to have all signatures visible, please get in touch and we can discuss bespoke alternatives. The overall frame size is 1065mm x 815mm.

If you would like more information or details of our other football shirt framing options, simply head over to Football Shirt Frames. Here you will find all you need to know about football jersey frames. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts is always here to help.

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